Monday, February 26, 2007

2.0 Review

After the Sydney FC post mortem the most logical rant to follow should be a A-League 2.0 review. What a drama filled season it was, I don't think any league in the world except for the Seria A (it had to be those Italians) could match the A-League for drama. It was such an entertaining season that I'm suffering from withdrawal syndrome already. I'm starting to follow the NSW Premier League, am I becoming a football tragic? Or was season two such a high that I don't want to come down?

I don't think that even a Hollywood script writer could come up with what unfolded over season two. We saw a champion dethroned, the birth of a football powerhouse. We saw the Jets finally take off and threaten to steal the show at the eleventh hour. We saw a end of season revival of the cellar dwellers and the fight to qualify for the finales series was not settled until the very last game and then came all the axing, all those coaches that were given the chop or walk out before they could get fired.

Season two saw more intense bitter rivalries between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. These are the type of rivalries that are the showcase of any well developed league. To add to the rivalries we now have the newly christened "M7" darby between the Jets and the Mariners.

Attendance records set some 30 years ago crumbled only to be beaten by new records a few weeks later. It's these attendance figures along with the sizzling Foxtel ratings that are the real judgement of the A-League. The verdict is in and the public like what it sees!

What we witnessed in season two was history being written and thankfully season two was not a dull chapter in the short history of the A-League. My only hope for season three is that it can carry the momentum built up over season two, if so we should be in for a cracker of a season.

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